Summer festivals

Knitwear can most likely appear to be winter products but actually, but summer is a busy period for Me Granny Rocks too. It all started with the Ennis Street Arts Festival market on July 9th, in Ennis, Co. Clare. Then, I am heading to France with my little mascot Muiris, to a small village called […]

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When Me Granny Rocks gets offline – part 1

After a winter spent working on the Me Granny Rocks’s website, creating posts on Facebook, tweeting and pinning up some pictures on Pinterest, along came Springtime with the need for more outside times. Well, don’t get me wrong here, I am not complaining. The sweet thing about modern technology, I think, is that there are […]

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10 good reasons to start knitting in 2016

Hey folks, welcome to 2016! The New Year journey usually starts with making resolutions. Here is one you can definitively add to your list: why not start knitting? Of course, one can easily picture Grandma spending countless hours making those itchy sweaters you had to wear during your childhood. But knitting has become more and […]

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